I know the proverb exists “ignorance is bliss” and many a time i wondered why someone would make such a statement. It always made me wonder what kind of information being not known would give someone the pleasure or the feeling of bliss.

For example at this very moment I strive too hard to make my blog function as per my desire. I check and click on all the buttons around me, then click another,another and another till i have forgotten what I was initially trying to accomplish. Now at this moment ignorance to me  doesn’t seem to be bliss at all.
On the contrary i am frustrated, and running out of patience.

However there are other instances when you wish that certain things that bring you pangs of pain and hurt you to the core were left out of your knowledge. Your husband cheating on you, your boyfriend hiding things from you or a third party making way into your relationship, or simply a death of a loved one. Hence the bliss of ignorance. The bliss of not having to hate your husband for beign a jerk or the bliss of not wanting to strangle your boyfriend for giving another woman priority over you, or the bliss of not having to know that you have lost a part of your life which you cannot regain anymore however much you wanted to.

But with all this available options, I would still have to focuss on my immediate dilemma. How I seem to miserably find the simplest acts of blogging alien to me and how the whole wordpress.org seems to baffle me!!
All due to my ignorance!!

Thus I conclude I prefer not being in ingnorance. It seems to be killing me trough fatal frustration.


PS.  Have I even understood this proverb??