I sit in front of the TV after a very long time and watch the media channel havoc!! I am confused and I ask my mum who has done what. She is disappointed in me and accuses me of not living in this country(meaning Sri Lanka of course) and not having an ounce of knowledge in my head of what is happening around me. My dad decides to join in as well elated by the fact that such accusations were emitted out of my mum’s mouth and not his given the fact that it’s he who complains about my social ignorance on a constant basis.

I stare at the TV trying to understand the stupidity of the whole situation. There are all forms of people giving their opinion on what is supposed to have happened, who is supposed to have done it, who is to be blamed and also media rights. I try to identify at least one of them 😦

Luckily I manage to identify one but was a little confused as to which party he was representing. In a country of 2 million people the fact that there are over 300 parliamentarians does not help my cause, neither does the fact that they keep jumping from one party to another.

I am a strong believer that this country has too many elections, too many politicians and that the news most of the time is rubbish. (well not this particular news item but in general).

I complain about the fact that they do not have the name of the speaker on the screen leaving hapless creatures like me confused.

I make a mental note to make a list of all the parliamentarians and their pictures engraved into my head and say it out loud to make my stand. My dad says “well most of the people in the country do know most of them!!”

Then only it occurred to me how they would!! Frankly I couldn’t fathom how could they wouldn’t?? These peoples’ faces stay glued to our walls for most part of the year!!

Too annoyed by the repetition of the same information over and over I get up and walk to my room thinking of making better use of my time and not wasting my brain cells on answering the question popping in my head ie “ok who may this guy be??”