The attack on the Sirasa crew or the attack by the Sirasa crew is still the subject of discussion followed by the ban on Akon to enter Sri Lanka as government refuses to grant visa for his arrival.

How are the three intertwined?? Well apparently the latest claim according the ITN news is that the people who were portrayed to be throwing stones at the media house were first attacked by the workers of the media station and hence they turned aggressive in self-defence.

What were their claim of right to be there? As the spokesperson for the demonstrators/alleged attackers their presence was with the sole intention to protest against the Akon concert that was to take place in Sri Lanka. A right to peaceful demonstration on their part. (or so they claim)

The height of all this is that religion is also dragged into the question thanks to the claim that Akon has been disgracing Buddhism in his videos.

What’s the conclusion?? Well I guess it’s bye bye Akon concert, and all those who already bought tickets check the reimbursement policy! Those who didn’t well be glad you didn’t 🙂

As for me I would care less 🙂