I was walking on the coast of  Colombo clicking away photographs and having a good time with Heather  when I suddenly heard the loud horn and the larger than life image of the train engine barely 10m behind me!!

Grab Heather’s hand and jump out of the track!

Not a thought, just a reflex action that saved both our lives.

I heard the people screaming asking whether we were crazy, the train slowing and stopping 20m ahead from where we stood.

Narrow escape! Phew!

That was all I could think of while we both laughed hysterically and I tried to cover my face to hide the humiliation of being seen as a retarded moron who was not able to hear the train honk.

Was it just a near death experience?

Not really. It finally made me see lot of things in perspective. That life is so short and futile. One mistake or not even a mistake on your part can end it. We were just two fools who thought it was fun to walk on that railway track and were distracted and oblivious to the extent that we did not hear the train that was right behind us.

It was ironic that I even joked with Heather about getting knocked off by a train a few minutes before the incident happened.

The whole stupid incident opened my eyes to things to which that we never pay much attention. Things like telling someone how I really feel about them, expressing gratitude and affection each day to those who care, doing what I have to when I have to and spending as much  time with those I love.

Life can be busy and I am busy all the time, but this taught me that we are all too engrossed in the routine of life to pay attention to the little things in life and  that most of us end up not doing what we really want to do.

I forgot for a moment the accident that almost took place, the possibility of having almost died, or got handicapped, and headed off to have a good time. 

But now looking back I realise it was a lesson.  A lesson that highlighted to me how fragile our life is and how easy it is to lose it. Hence do what I want to do without postponement and be happy with what I have because this moment is precious and unique, I won’t live it again, ever! So try to live it to the fullest.