I have been trying to type many things but never got actually to do it. The days at the Unawatuna beach and then other things that seemed important. But I think I am back to the inactive mood with too much on my shoulders and then waiting without doing anything worthwhile
😦 yeah that is the latest Vositha mood!

At times it’s the best mood to be in when things keep dragging me down, then limited solely to a days time span. The longer it goes on I transform into this pessimistic and ranting creature who makes no sense of anything! Which is exactly my privileged transformation for this moment! ( yes I love my exclamation marks! They help me release my energy!!! Those language experts are kindly requested not to try teaching me when and where to use it!! I loooooove using the exclamation mark! Atleast for the time being. )

I go through options that my idling day offers me. A movie marathon…mmm … i have watched almost all the movies that lay around. Out!

Clean up the room… nopes that takes too much time as well. May be the whole day!! ( Heather would agree with me on this! )Aaaaaaaaaargh!

Watch “Friends” !! Naaaaaaah!

Ok this is getting a a little tiring right now ( why do I use present continuous here instead of present perfect?? Ok never mind that is a question to which the answer I don’t think i would be too keen on hearing.)

Yes moving on as to why my day is tiring b the second it’s cz i don’t seem to be having anything to do and the things that Ihave to do I don’t want to do!! ( Latest resolution for Self Improvememt : Never do anything you don’t want to do! Duly noted!! )

Blogs to update, human rights article to be completed by Sunday ( I have no clue where to begin in the first place!!) and exams and more exams coming up!!

AAAAARGH!! I rest my case!

I am frustrated and I am forgetting my English!!