Okey anyone who is going to read this will definitely take me to be out of my senses nevertheless I am going to say it! I think this Facebook application really does have some weirdn accuracy rate attached to it!!


Well as for my latest prediction received from her, she wants me to keep a journal for my dreams.( nightmares I would prefer to call them) because I would be able to develop my creativity or something and analyse my subconscious. Well creativity I have no clue about and then my subconscious I no none of too. But then Freud used to say that your hidden desires would be revealed through your dreams. Now I am trying to apply the steps to my latest dream.

Like yesterday I dreamt of my sister being murdered and buried in the beach. ( Don’t ask me which beach, I can’t remember all the details! ) And then shehad been for two days! (Yes you tell me how sick this sounds??!! )

Now what sort of creativity can I get out of this sick nightmare??

Whats more, when discovered she was smiling!! Murdered and smiling!! ( Wonderful! I mean not that she is such merely that even in my nighmares she likes to provide me with paradoxes or some horror movie which is too comic to be horrrific!)

So even in my sleep I find myself wondering how she could be laughing?? (Ok probably I was dreaming of some stupid practical joke!! )

And Freud’s theory applied to this would it be that I want her dead or I want myself to be dead?? This is too weird even to be analysing. (  By the way, Pramudith if you are reading this blog, no need to panick, I have NO intention of killing my sister and NO I am more than glad with her living version!) Wow how depressing have I got of late?? ( Even I am impressed in this weird and insanely mode with my morbid life!! )

And me being me, I keep on analysing and then wonder whether this has anything to do with my planned trip to the coast tomorrow. Was this a sign highlighting  that I should stay home and not run off in my gypsy style?? The beach, the death, the I don’t know what!!

Well life is so freaking confusing to understand of late and Aunty Anita the online psychic seems to get what’s in my head.

Now ain’t that super freaky??

I mean even freakier than me?? 🙂

PS. I know whatever I have typed out is not the most pleasant but then what am I to do?? That is exactly of what I dreamt…