Ok TEF is the syndrome from which I suffer right now. I am Tired, Exhausted and Frustrated.

Anyone who met me today would know what i am speaking of.
As Kaveesh highlighted, “dude you okay? your lower eyelid seems to be about to swell enough to cover your whole eye!”
“yeah i know!” i told him.

But it was sure enough very much fun hanging around with the crowd after over a month.

“Home away from home” is what WICPER has become to many of us. To walk in to a group of people who would make you feel loved and also cared for, a smiling group of people who would not judge you but be there for you. And Judge always there to inspire you to reach and try to do the impossible :)Yeah i am at home!

I had not realized how much I had missed the jokes and the laughter or the mere cheerfulness that dominates the ambiance even at moments of utter stress when each one is pulling at their own hair.

I walk in guaranteed of a hug and a kiss ( of course there is ample possibility of forcing many more! :)).

Thank you Judge Weeramantry, Mrs. Weeramantry, Nesh, Kaveesh, Gayani, Dami and auntry Su for making my b’day very special. (even though i am not too fond of people singing happy b’day to me it was wonderful to hear it! specially with Nesh takign it very serious lol )
Your presence in my life means a lot and wanted to make it known that you are appreciated at least through social media 🙂

Hugs to all and loads of kisses!!