I get this sudden inspiration to write about someone’s laugh and on building trust while I am in the pitts with my stupid Law College exams, and what happens!!

WordPress decides that my so called password is not the password anymore?? Anyone knows why such things happen?? well me unfortunately don’t!!

So what happens is after a good 30 minutes of suffering and torturing myself and then finally getting a stupid password that i would not in my whole I don’t know what remeber, I am typing out the frustration on the culprit itself.

Well so much for the inspiration I am not at all in the mood to write about laughter or trust. More in the mood to complain about the exams that I am predicting I would excel in failing.

So with that I shall shut up!

PS. I still do love the laughter, may be I would blog about that the next time you laugh with me 🙂