I have finally stepped into academia again. A huge step for months of studying from one set of papers to another. With the relief of having finally made up my mind and made that ever important step of actually building courage into putting myself through the torture.

But among all that I miss you!

I miss you who are abroad, and you who are  in the country.

I miss you who are just a few minutes away yet I meet on a very rare basis.

I miss you who are a call away but of whom I rarely get to hear the voice.

I miss all the laughter shared and even the stupid fights we may have had, the sarcasm and the humor found and shared with just one glimpse at each others’ eyes.

I miss the mornings where we wake up to the stupidest of calls, the stupidest of jokes, the stupidest of annoying moments or the stupidest of wrestles 🙂

I miss the conversation shared, the songs sung, the secrets still kept within us.

I miss all the wonderful times, the amazing experiences and new adventures and most of all  a person who really gets me.

I miss you and every moment treasured.

I miss you and I just can’t wait to see you again 🙂