For all those who are wondering what the hell I am about to blog, well it’s about something that kind of caught my attention a few days back.

Definitely not because someone had the audacity to utter those words to me.  No, not really 🙂 Actually it is all thanks to a movie I was watching a couple of days back. The movie ” Valentine’s Day” which ended with these three words.

Here goes the last few seconds of the movie:
A radio announcer who talks about the love and the wonderment of Valentine’s day and then moves on to state about the three words that everyone wants to hear! Of course me being the idiot I was thinking “I love you” and for my greatest surprise he pronounces “Let’s get naked!”

I was like “whoaaat??”

Well I don’t know much about others but one thing’s for sure, I definitely would appreciate “I love you” rather than what he deemed to be the most wonderful words that people according to him were dying to hear.( It has to be added that what is appreciated is a genuine “I love you” and not the kind one would say just because he is a hypocrite, a moron and a big time jerk! )

But then, when i do speak to some people I do wonder whether the last few lines of the movie has some truth embedded in them. I mean i talk to good friends who are utterly miserable that they are not getting lucky!!!!
I ask what is the big frustration?? They give me this ” Where the hell did you come?!” kind of look.

However, just typed these down because it made me think and rethink and think again and again and again about certain things in life. Things like relationships, flings, and many other terms that can be attached to the same list.

There was a time I tried to analyse where I stood with someone and it was always left unanswered even in my head till it ended up getting me stupidly hurt and losing all faith and trust in any man who would ever dare to get closer to me!

Now looking back I wonder, had it being for me as according to those people that the radio announcer was speaking of, the above three words were the most wonderful to be heard, would I have felt so stupid as I did when in the end I found myself so faithless!

Unfortunately for me I would never know, because I still remain one of those who believes “I love you”to be those three magical words..

But then again what do I know?? May be it’s the other way round…mmm….