Yeah another paper to be written in just two days and I am yet to touch my notes! Yeah people ask me “so how do you study?” I say, “I start studying three days before the exam” and they go like “Come on men don’t con!”

I just want them to believe what they want cz I simply don’t see the point of trying to explain the craziness of my studying patterns.

Well I am officially self proclaimed lazy when it comes to studying. I never thought I will ever say this , but I think exams suck! Yeah they do! Found some good excuse to postpone the bar finals for a good 1.5 yrs and now I have run out of excuses.
My sister asks me,” haven’t you been doing this for quite some time now? ”

I correct her ” Haven’t I not been doing this for quite a while!”

Well as they say, “a man’s got to do what he’s got to do!” or rather “woman” in this case.

I am thinking of a suicide pack just for the fun of it. I suggest it to Rishi while we were both wondering about the way we were spending our Fridays! I mean surely we both would have better things to do on a friday such as laugh our heads off rather than keep staring at computer screens.

I am waiting for a bottle of cognac that is to be saved and safely delivered hopefully end of June and some good moments when I can just for a fraction of a second forget “books” and hit the beach 🙂

Yeah Unawatuna!! Here I come! ( ok this is a statement paused for the next whole month)

Well enough of all this wasted talk, me have a paper to prepare for! ( which I would rather skip doing!)

See you on the other side, if I ever get there!