Well I am not the biggest fan of cricket but I do catch a little bit of it here and there. But I have for a great while being a great fan of Sanath Jayasuriya. However of late I have started wondering similar to many who watch the 20-20 World Cup that his performance is not quite commendable.

The question raised is, is it the correct time for him to retire from international cricket?? I mean isn’t it always better to be remembered as a person who terrorized the ballers than be remembered for an average of like 5 runs for 10 matches. Well I am not saying that it’s his current average for batting but just raising the question hypothetically.

In any case with his new responsibilities as a minister in parliament may be the new change should be initiated. You know, sit in his chair in the parliament and see what can be grasped in that calamity and do something for all those people who for some reason voted him in.

So yeah, the question remains, when will he announce his retirement or should he actually make that move?