Heather is back from Arugambay and we have our day out to celebrate her coming back 🙂 but to pack her stuff and leave for Japan a day’s time.

It sucks because over the last two months we have grown close to each other and I feel close to her than some people I have known over the years.

She is at present trying to force vitamin C tablets down my throat because she doesn’t want me to catch a cold as she says “I would feel bad if you were to catch a cold from me!”

I tell her “yeah I would feel bad too if I were to catch a cold.” lol

Okay one more day and it will be us planning our next trip. This time not in Sri Lanka but may be somewhere else where we would get to share many more near death experiences and hilarious moments of cultural awakening.

We walk out of the coffee stop today and I tell Heather that one of our friends will come with her to drop her at the airport. And she is like in the middle of the night??

I tell her “we are Sri Lankans!”

She goes “yeah you are right! I forgot how nice you guys are! I try to be nicer to people after coming to Sri Lanka”

That was one sweet thing to say 🙂 I am happy that she thinks that we are nice people but I don’t see the extra effort she needs to put in to be “nicer” because I already consider her to be one of the nicest people I have met in my whole life, a person I will treasure for all life and someone I would call my friend for life 🙂

So Heather “this one’s for you” yeah as you would say “I love you too!”