This is one blog I have been wanting to publish for a while now, but due to lack of time didn’t have the capacity to do so. So here goes the points I have considered to be the worse things a man could do and the those signals that indicate that  you should run a mile away from him within 2 seconds.

1. Talk of emotions and then after a good 5 or 6 moths say ” you are so great, but it’s funny I have no clue why I am not ready for commitment!”

2. To be confused as to whether he should kiss someone, despite which he goes ahead and kisses the person and still be confused whether he did the correct thing!

3. To share your ipod, then start listening to songs all by himself for the next 3 hours while you are left wondering why the hell you are around him!!

4. Have a million issues with all your clothes!

5. Take you out for diner and then constantly keep messaging another woman!

6. Continue messaging the other woman even after you make it explicitly clear that you are annoyed with his behavior!

7. Always repeat to other friends “oh we are just friends!”

8. Ana then ask you, ” Are we friends with benefits??!!??”

9. Talk with you till midnight, hang up and call another woman till 2 am in the morning.

10. Never appreciate anything you do for him.

11. Make you wait for hours after getting all dressed up to leave the house, just because he has to check his mail!!

12. Make you beg and even cry to be taken out, when he is clearly aware that you hate hanging around alone in the house.

13. Suggest to take you out, and when you are all set to go, 15 minutes before state that he is meeting friends for work and that you might feel bored and it would be better that you do not come! (Now didn’t he know about the work part when he asked you to come with him??)

14. Never say sorry for hurting you though he knows that what he does hurts you.

15. Ask on a random conversation “missionary or doggy?!!” WHAT THE HELL!! Do you have no sense of conversing with a woman??

Okay these are just a few, the list will be lengthened with every story heard or lived, feel free to add to the list 🙂