OK I am rushing through with this post but this is something I heard while I was having a random chat with a kid in Cinnamon Grand. I try to convince him to help me out with the SLYCAN (Sri Lanka Youth Climate Action Network) and he tells me that Galleface beach stretch is going to disappear to make way to skyscrapers!!!

Now who came up with this bright idea?? Does this mean that we are actually not going to have anymore “Let’s go to Galleface for a walk??” in our life?? (Well I am speaking for those who do this because every time I pass the place I see thousands of average Sri Lakan citizens who spend their weekend with their family there)

And we do have to admit that it is an icon in the Sri Lankan life style where it has marked its presence in the literature, art, music and also in the history of Colombo.

I am not the expert on this matter, yet I am launching the debate so as to inform myself with regards to this subject as well as see the public opinion on the beach stretch’s disappearance.

Please feel free to comment and also raise questions on the matter 🙂