Almost one more hour for the paper and I am venting my frustration on my “complaints blog”. One with logical reasoning and those who have already proclaimed that I will not make a lawyer would rightfully point out to me that every second matters and that I should be trying to grill some knowledge into my brain which seems to be getting heavier by the minute..Well I shall on my part say that I am not going to waste a minute of my life anymore trying to study Commercial law!! Hated it during LLB, hate it now and will hate it for LIFE!! Yeah that is a pact that I just made with myself that I profess to hold onto till death do us part! That is between Law and Myself!

The relationship between Vositha and Law is like one of those open relationships. Neither party too committed and like the fun when it comes and hate those stressful moments. Well while Vositha seems to have no problem communicating the problems that are in the relationship Mr. Law realises he likes to take his time and just chill and let Vositha suffer, knowing she will get too frustrated with his behavior and one day give up. You see he doesn’t want to be the one to call it off, it does not look right in his eyes, after all she did go through some shit for all those stupid exams!!

Aaaagh!! Commercial Law!! Yeah Vositha hates it! She hates it so much that she does not give a dime about her stupid open relationship!! After all its merely an open relationship, and it’s high time she found proper commitment!!

Yeah she immediately sets off to find a better option!! (Well of course after sitting for the torturous paper!!)

Now would you call her dumb or insane?? I would not want to be the one judging :p