Have you every liked someone who had no clue that you existed?? Well I think we all go through it once in our lives and have to admit that it sure does hurt. It hurts specially when you know that someone likes someone and you know that it is not you. And you feel like kicking yourself when the person decides to make you his confidante and tell you all about it as well šŸ™‚ Yeah sure you can tell me, I am here for you.. easy said in words but harder to deal with when it comes to dealing with the emotions.

Look away, move on, do what you have to do, get a life,block the person in anyway you can, turn your eyes away from whatever you see regarding the person,keep saying it’s not worth it,try to be the friend who is the listening ear,just think that this is not the one for you,the list of things that one needs to do is way too long…and well having being there and tried all that I have no clue which one to try next!!

Guess hoping that I get amnesia would be a better deal šŸ™‚

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh Ā I hate this feeling!! I mean HATE THIS FEELING!!