Today’s one of those days where I have got the understanding on many matters. Let me see, how should I word this in a professional yet comprehensive manner?? mmm yeah I have lately realized that I am running short of time and I am still wasting most of those seconds pondering over matters that should not be holding the slightest or the most whimsical importance.

My “to do” List (no pervert interpretations please) holds many a task, and the list prolongs itself to more than 25 things that are still not completed, while I spent a whole day trying to get into a person’s head!! Now what a waste of 24 hours! I mean such a horrendous waste! What couldn’t I have done with that precious time?? I could have had my long due sleep, read my notes on Evidence (yeah the torture still continueth!), gone out for diner with my buddy or watched another movie… so many options and none I have chosen. Why?? That is a question for which I do not want to be pronouncing the answer. Makes me feel stupider than I actually am, on a subjective yet quite a thorough observation 🙂

Yeah so conclusion of all that ranting??

Well there are multiple options that are within your reach, grab them and hold on to those that matter, maximize the tasks that bring happiness and eliminate those which burden your head (start with the gmail, skype,facebook lists :P),never waste a minute pondering and analyzing whether you were stupid in doing something because it’s stupider than the act you may have committed 🙂 All these are my resolutions for the day and I plan to stick to them and when I don’t I have faith in Pemith to remind me of the need to keep certain important ones always in mind 🙂

So bottom line, time does not wait for me and I will try to be ahead of time 🙂 Those who need more time to ponder, analyse, come to conclusions, well I am sorry to say but I think the time is fast ticking and you are a bit too late in making up your mind!!