Have you ever wished life was written in a pencil and you had an eraser to use once in a while ? Well I have!! But unfortunately it seems to be not quite an option with most of the things that I land with!!

But the million dollar question is how I managed to get into this shitty situations. I mean I have tried over and over to analyse the situations just to figure out how I end up making the stupid old mistakes over and over again!! But I am an exception to that rule about learning from one’s mistakes! Way to go Vositha!!

“I told you so!” “No you didn’t!”” I am speechless!” ” Why did you??” “Oh no!!”  That is what I get from my close friends these days. I wish I had their wise decision making power or the capacity to predict the shit that I tend to get into before I do!!

Guys please shush and just find me a magic eraser!!