Here comes my latest resolution!!


Yeah no more decisions for me!! For a good part of my life I realized that most of the decisions I have being making makes more sense at all! I mean I am openly accepting that my decision making power on my personal life has lead me no where other than to the pits. Yes so I am thinking of improving my life by handing over that task to my close friends who seem to make more sense when they here of my constant blunders than I seem to have done πŸ™‚

But of course each one has their specialty and their own perception of life, so my decisions will have a spice to it. (Hopefully) Now Gayani will have the wise woman powers who would tell me “Stay away!!”” which of course she has been telling me of late but to which I have paid a deaf ear resulting in many a calamity, so the next time I shall take your word to be of ultimate value and never to be ignored.

Indu and Pemith, yeah you will add the spice to my life! You guys tell me to chill and tell people to FFF off which I never do, so that is definitely going to be one of my main statements for the year! So when I don’t do it, I shall let you guys remind me that some people do need to be told to ” F off!”

Sonali, well you know me too well for my liking and seems to be keeping track of all the stupidity that I have been committing on late, and then remind me later on that you did try to stop me from doing certain things for which I refused to accept your better judgement. So here goes ” Your highness, since this moment on you Β shall be the wise one deciding for me!! I have retired from Vositha’s personal life management so now it’s your time to take over!!

Last but not the least, my beloved sister!! My mum always made it a point to remind me that if ever I am to find myself a man, to get my sister’s opinion, because I make the stupidest decision ever!! So here I am taking my mum’s advice!! Whether you like it or not, you better pick the men for me!! I am tired of all the morons I seem to be meeting these days πŸ™‚ Btw I mean YOU not your MAN!! His advice did get me into a load of shit!!! ( OK Pramu I still do love ya :p!! I mean you tried your best, and may be the line I told was the latest ever! But then I don’t care because I am pretty much decided that my sister will be the judge about it hence forth! So you may influence her decision making , if you think she is being too logical!! )

Yeah my personal life is sorted!! Now let me try to get the professional life sorted…

Rishikesh Ram Bhandary!! Where the hell are you??!!! You are DESPERATELY NEEDED to sort out the mess in my professional life while the other wise men and women sort my personal life!!

PS. Add to the list, my specialized advisor on men and professional matters : Anush W πŸ™‚ I am mighty glad that you have agreed to take up this humanitarian cause and relieve me of my suffering πŸ™‚

Love you All!!