Finally having completed my load of work I am thinking of turning to law of evidence!! How many more papers to go?? I don’t even want to start counting. My international law books are sleeping with cob webs being woven around them! And I die a slow death with the Sri Lankan legal system 😦

Rish made my day by asking me to interpret the UNFCCC terminology! The difference between “voluntary” and “proposed voluntarily” were the terms that he decided that clarity be needed upon. I after coming up with my own interpretations, decided to bug Thishya (which has become a habit of late) in my subjective interpretations and someone’s objective interpretation got him into a worse mood than he was in!

Now why in the world do I end up pissing people of late? It seems to be turning into a habit and I sure don’t want to be continuing  it 😦

Well after having decided that once these stupid exams are over I shall dust my international law books, I turn to planning what to do for the end of month 🙂 “Evasion” as one would call it in French! I am in dream land about the things I want to do!! Beach or beach, how I long for thee! Unawatuna!! Unawatuna and more Unawatuna!

Yeah it’s decided!! ( yeah I am back to making my own decisions, after some one highlighted to me how stupid he thinks my new resolution is! And for some reason I feel such a dumb blond and so freaking self conscious around him!! Why in the world would I be feeling so? My brain fails to provide me with a reasonable answer thus I shall no more ponder on it to come up with nonsensical answers! mmm may be it’s ” How dumb can you be!” look that  he keeps giving me! mmm…)

OK coming back to where I stopped!! I have decided to run off to the beach on the 27th of June with all my Civil Procedure II notes 🙂 As I explain to Rish when he wanted to know when my exams were ending, such exile would help me to be saner than I was at the moment 🙂 (In a relative manner not in the objective manner :)) And of course it would be lesser noise and more things to make me happy than drag me down!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! Let it be 27th of June, so that I can pack my bags (with law notes in them as well) and head to the beautiful beach!! Oh please don’t rain now to mess it up for me!! By the way this is a prayer for the last week of June, may it rain as much as possible till then 😉 I have no problem with that!!

Yeah I am happy after all! (or is it hyper??)

PS. Gayani thinks I am bubbly! Now ain’t that sweet?? (or is it a nicer way of saying that you are hyper?? mmm )