For the first time in a long time I am awake while my nocturnal sister is fast asleep. It’s actually hilarious that I am trying to achieve the impossible of studying one whole G.L Peiris book on Law of Evidence in Sri Lanka in 12 hours!! Yeah I must be crazy! (well that is an established fact over the last few years)

In any case, while spending the night praying that I manage to get through this ordeal without losing the little sanity that is left in me only one thing comes to my mind, and that is the line that David keeps saying to me every time I complain about my exams. He fails to understand why I would do something that I am not inclined to do! Neither do I!!

But the question is do we really get to do in life only those things that we really feel like doing? It would be wonderful if that be the story of our life, but I doubt if there is anyone who can claim that everything he or she did in life was something they held dear to their heart.

I don’t hate exams, nor do I hate law, but I do hate Law College exams! I never tried to like it, nor do I see the point of trying to like it! But I am nevertheless stuck doing it! I know David will not understand my theory of life, his being, never do anything that does not add value to your life!

Well let me pray that this ordeal will add “some” value to my life!! May be a lesson on how to survive the worst in life without bringing out the worse in me! 🙂