Okay the Sri Lankans and their animosity towards the UN continues following the UN declared  investigation on rights abuses alleged during the civil war in Sri Lanka which ended last year.

It is told that a certain minister has warned the UN workers to stay inside the UN compound and that there are many protesters chanting slogans and have successfully breached the barriers at the UN compound.

(Await new security procedures in the coming week where the Thumulla junction will be out of bounds and the road will be filled with security personnel!!  or would it be given the fact that it’s not the government offices being attacked??)

The question raised rests what the reason is for such a reaction provided there be no cause of fear of investigations.

What is the motive behind such an act as storming the UN building?

How can it affect the investigation??

Is the UN going to fear and call off the investigation!! (This seems childish and very stupid reaction to the UN call for investigation and it would be amusing as to observe the intelligent explanation people are to provide for it)

In any case more updates to come shortly after eye witness reports. Stay logged!