I like silence.

That is my latest realisation.

Seclusion suits me just fine. The lesser i speak the happier I am of late.

The world for some reason presents too much superficiality for me.

Why make conversation to share information that would not matter to anyone? Why waste my breath to please another who would criticise me the moment I turn my back? What is the purpose of anything that happens in our lives? Why do we even do everything and anything we do? What are we trying to prove to others or above all to ourselves??

Why do we think we are in love when we are just trying to create an attachment to justify our existence?? Why do we try to prove ourselves that someone means a lot to us when we know we mean nothing to them?? Why do we try to make sense of all the lies that people tell us merely to feel good thinking that they are not deceiving us??

A lot of whys!! One too many!

Life just baffles me with all the Whys and  all the Emptiness…