Two hours away from Colombo, hidden in the outskirts of Thulhiriya, inside the MIMT complex lies the world’s most glorious bathroom  also known among those who know Aruni as her dream bathroom!

Anyone who knows Aruni, has heard of it!

Anyone who was with her in Thulhiriya has already paid a visit to it!

If you were the one sharing a room with her, your ears would be tired of hearing of it!

There were moments I presumed that she would have been much happier if her bed was inside this wonderful bathroom.

There were also moments I felt like dragging a bed into it,  just to see how happy Aruni would be to be living in “her bathroom”! (Although I am not too sure if she could be any happier, with all the emotions she felt every time she saw the bathroom,  but would have been wonderful to see how she would have reacted to it!)

I have to admit that I myself was fascinated by it.( Fortunately not to the level that my friend was) and was happy with the open roof structure that gave one the feeling to be having a bath outdoors.

Our fascination was only to be shadowed ( just for a few seconds of course) by the comments of the male participants of the workshop who were worried that the female participants would be embarrassed to be having a bath when there was no roof on top of the shower.  However it was funny to note that the party concerned had no concerns what so ever, or rather they chose not to voice it.

In any case I have been wanting to type this out, so that this wonderful bathroom shall be cherished as Aruni wishes it to be, and also I am doing my part in spreading the word about it!

Who knows, one day, many people might just make a tour to Thulhiriya, to pay tribute to this wonder of architecture! A bathroom  in which there is even a plant growing right next to the shower ! ( what more would one need??)

These visitors unfortunately will not have enthusiastic Aruni to guide them (which of course is quite a loss!) , but I am just making sure if they were to search the web, they will be able to locate this blog, so that they all know who to pay homage  for the discovery of the world’s “most glorious” bathroom.

PS. For those who failed to notice irony in this post I am being ironic with the title!