She knew he would be one in the crowd. She was never too sure how she would react to his presence. Tongue tied, butterflies in stomach and a total retard she transformed into on many an occasion.

But today to be different.

She felt beautiful for a change. K had repeated that she was. Ego elevation. Hair knotted up and an air of certain pride.

She was talking to K when he entered .

She did see him from afar.

She could always notice him. Where ever it be.

Her heart for a change did not skip a beat. Nor did she feel stupid in his presence. He waited for her to look his way while she was willingly giving into ignorance of his presence.

Finally she turned, looked at him and smiled. Without a hint that she had noticed him. It was all done according to the well maneuvered script in her mind.

The pout, picture perfect, after having practiced on K and professed, spread on her lips, the eyes with the hint of lust she was born with… Yes it was a work of art and a dear subject of photography.

Their eyes meet, and she reaches for a kiss on the cheek in the socialite mode, not permitting her lips to go astray.

Then lost in the crowd among faces familiar and yet unfamiliar.

Not an hour passes. She makes her exit.

He watches her leave the silk trailing behind her…

Perfect closure …

but not so perfect emotions..

if there ever be any!