I have lately come across different form of human species than  I have in my earlier years of existence. And the things they have thus taught  remain invaluable.

Some taught me that indifference to humans be virtue and  the best mode to deal with personal relationships. They also taught me that not bothering about others feelings is the norm and that empathy be  the vice. I refuse to believe so, yet applaud the pride they take in their stupid philosophy.

They also taught me that one should never practice what they preach! I met people over the last weeks upholding the greatest religious values while turning their eyes away on seeing someone lesser privileged. Why preach religion and animal rights when one cannot pay more attention to humans around you? I desperately fail to comprehend.

Then there are others who also taught me that there can be great awkwardness in friendship. Sudden aloofness and reverting to oneself when one has no clue why other would do so! These people succeed in constantly baffling me and broadening my perspectives of philosophy on life and friends. Not that I had such philosophy till recently, but they do motivate me to form one, to prove that these creatures are those who have these psychological characteristics, if any one needs to deal with them, well here are the available instructions and the tools that may come in handy.

Yes the handbook on Human Species – written by Vositha, edited by Vositha, published by Vositha!

Soon available on your closest online bookstore, for home delivery please place your order on vositha.wordpress.com!

Guaranteed to please you 😛