She moved towards him.

It felt good.

The unknown grounds that she was threading into excited her.

There was no remorse in narrowing the gap which was physical while she knew the emotional gap will never yield.

It was two strangers’ lips locking and trying to find the rhythm that was never existent.

She burst out laughing.

He looks baffled. Not knowing how to react.

“What?” he asks.

“Nothing” she says.

” I don’t like this nothing of yours!” he adds.

“OK let us try this again!” She voices.

Minutes of passionless making out, yet finding each other, or finding  herself. A lacking of warmth where fingers do not entangle, hearts do not meet nor emotions come together.

Tasteless, passionless kisses. Where it is to be “kisses” to the very core of its definition.


She breaths in.

” I need to go home” She says.

“Okay” he does not protest.

No remorse in parting. No feelings shared.

She walks down the lane leading to her house.

He does not wait for her to get to the gate.

The car tires screech, the car has moved away from where it was, leading back to where it started its journey.

” So not the man I want!” She decides.

But She has no regrets.

At least not till next eve…