It’s a well known fact that Sakvithi Ranasighe has been arrested while in hiding with his family. Yesterday while going through the papers I came across a picture of his wife and him on the paper explaining the information on their arrest.
Today while watching news on TV I was appalled to see that the television camera was focussed on the children’s faces trying to show their faces while they were staring at the ground trying to hide their faces.
What kind of media behaviour is this? If a parent commits a crime do the children have to be humiliated on media as well?
This is such a disgraceful behaviour leading to a sudden death to any reputation left for the family. I am not condoning with the acts that Sakvithi Ranasinghe is alleged to have committed, but I fail to comprehend the basis of the behaviour of the journalists and the TV channels that behave in this manner.
It seems that in Sri Lanka the norm has become to put on parade accused and anyone related to him for the whole world. Brand the whole family as criminals. Stain the identity of anyone who is linked up with the rascal or some innocent party who is taken for a rascal since it’s the media who makes the country believe. They make the innocent look the criminal while bleaching the stains of those whose slates are too disgusting to be even looked at.
This is not an isolated incident. There remains many as this. Media taking control and ruining people’s lives has turn out to be the value. Getting attention through any form of unethical behaviour seems to be highly appreciated.
And it’s sad that the public remains silent and in sleep while these media bodies act without any concern for what once one deemed to be something called the ethical code of media behaviour.