No I don’t want to have a fling with anyone of you. I am just analysing the responses that I got from the men I asked this question in a hypothetical mode. Sometimes it helps to analyse men. Specially men in Colombo.
Here are the answers that have been most recurrent.
“It depends on the person who is asking me this question.”
“Mmmmm. I need to think about it.”
“Uhoh!” ( not too sure how to intercept it. But the reasoning that followed provided me to conclude that it was a negative reaction)
“Is she hot? I am a guy for your information!”
“ What exactly do you mean by a “fling”?” (!!!!)
As response to the last response/ question I deemed it wiser to let men decide on the definition for themselves rather than my female perception getting entangled into it. And a great amount of agreement did I behold.
Here comes the definitions.
“Casual dating and getting physical knowing that both people do not want to get into something that has expectations of anything more”. ( A very long sentence I must say.)
“ A casual relationship. And the sexual relations could vary”.
( I think the tone of this blog is becoming a little too theoretical )
“One night…Do it then forget it!”

Did all this shed light as to what I am to expect from “men”?

Well let me turn to lessons learned : This I did through the final question posed.
“Would you ask a girl to have a fling with you, if you liked her?”
The answer by a great majority was “Never!”
Justification : It would ruin anything serious that would have been possible with her.

So moral of the story :
If a man asks you to have a fling with him. It definitely ain’t good news if you like him.
Nopes he ain’t that into you.
He simply needs a “fling!”

*  There could be different men breeds and this analysis might not do them justice. This blog is based purely on the men I have questioned and reflects merely a personal opinion of the responses gathered.