She was baffled by what he told her.
It was something unexpected but then again not so unexpected.
He wanted to make it clear to her that he was not leading her on and that he does not like her in “that” way even though they did meet up and did make out a few times.
She wanted to burst out laughing. But instead she decided to take the matter on a serious note.
She made it clear to him that she never expected it to be the case and that she was seeing someone else.

But the whole situation did mess up her mood.
It did not mess her head as he thought it did, but her mood.
She was happily appreciating the romantic quality of “Leap year” till he decided to “make things clear.”

Not that she did not like him. She always did but she never thought that he presumed that she presumed that he liked her!
That was a long sentence. And she was glad that it made some sense.

“Well glad that is cleared out!” she thought.

She was rushing though photos. She was missing him. She was pissed with him that he was at the other end of the world.
“Why in the world did he have to be at the other end of the world?”
Her life would have been way more simple otherwise!
Full of fights, but yes still simpler than it was at the given moment.