The day dawns, and I get into a big mess.

Someone decides to tell me his stand on certain matters and relieve his heart.  And I end up deciding I am dating “someone”.

I get woken up at 6 in the morning again, by another someone who decides that it is the most wonderful time of the day to discuss my translation abilities, or inabilities for that matter..

I get out of the house, knocking my head on the door, for some reason  which I have no clue of!

Some things were not moving right, A text from someone stating disappointment of not being, updated!
I, the one left with wonderment of updates that mayst be deprived! A violation of right to information doth he behold by the cruel dictator her highness Vositha!

Nopes things do not end there, after 4 hours of talk shop, a telephone call explains a generous act of a friend deciding to save me of heartbreak making me deal with heartbreak!
She tells me, you know I love you na?? Vosiths, I did it because I didn’t want you to get hurt!
I tell her “I love her too!”

Only high point of the day: Shanikz telling me that I am surrounded by weirdness, that I bother about people who do not need to be bothered about!

I come home, to find some people have issues as to  what I blog, or rather what I do not blog, or whatever “making a blog out of it” means.

Frustration, and more frustration. Nostalgia, lack of warmth, missing a cuddle and wishing my complaint was in someone’s ears.

Search for answers: What do people behave the way they do? Why do some people meddle with others’ lives without the others’ permission? Why do people form opinions without trying to clarify the facts?

Once again a lot of whys?

Well, I guess it is all because of the date as Pasangi pointed out. Friday the 13th is supposed to be super unlucky.

Well may be she was correct.

It marked the adieu to my climate activism as part of SLYCAN as well as my friendship with a certain person.

A step taken shall not be regretted. It shall move forward.

Let the misunderstandings be, let the emotions wasted be forgotten and let my life be surrounded with lesser weirdness.

It shall be the jinxed day the 13th, and a Friday. Mark shalt it, the misfortune of goodbyes.

But then also the beginning of a new life, a life of lesser stress for the climate and for the what ifs and confusion.

A life of a workoholism in which emotions have no space and weirdness will lose its way.

All hail all those workoholics, here comes thy latest adept!