How many times would “shut up!”  come to your mind within the course of the day?

For me, well I have lost count!

I am sure there were those who wanted to tell me the same lines, but today was packed with an unusual amount of “shut up” moments.

(Since when do I come up with these weird wordings?)

After spending another day of Commission inquiries I was about to pull all my hair out. Nothing to do with the anything rational, simply due to all the irrationality that surrounds me.

Love has not rational, Hate has no rational, and life seems to have no rational too.

I of course had no rational ever! Never will for that matter 🙂

Expressions confuse me these days.

Smiles annoy me and people despise me!

I am the cranky woman who wants to scream shut up to the whole world.

And I am sure the world reciprocates my desire.


I like silence,  hot chocolate and a warm hand around my shoulder.

None with which I was blessed today.

Though I did get a nice hug. Hugs are good. Better than kisses.

Yeah, hugs are always nice. Warm ones preferable.

Enough ranting.

Vositha doth shut up!