I know the blog is too self centered apart from the occasional fiction and the news items.

But then again it’s called “Vositha’s blog” so it gives me ample authority for self indulgence :p

Anyways the important thing is I am at home, feeling sleepy for a change at the time it’s due and feeling happy of a evening well spent.

The food was good, conversation was better.

Diner is always good when the conversation is in the “zone”.

Catching up on old times, how bad a cook I am, how messy my suitcases are and how much I need to be laid back highlighted, rehighlighted, then engraved forever.

Funny, how much I feel at home with him.

Life presents wonderful things for a change at rare moments. One needs enjoy it and believe that good things do take place. Hard, but on a rare occasion they sure do!

As I always tell him ” there is hope” and yeah he makes me believe those words are true.

Back to talks on how our lives have changed, things to catch up on, mind off the normal stress while we analyse men I would date, would not date, or should date or shouldn’t date.

Then the ever so habitual, ” you need to finish your food” reminding  me how he would check if I had eaten if I was not around at meal time before finding his own, and how I would get my share of food whatever time he would meet me, just so that he was sure I had food in my stomach.

People sometimes make me remind that there are nice people in this world. Nice guys who would look out for you, wonder whether you are okay and whether you were actually okay and not pretending to be okay.

It made me also realise that some guys could be a good friend, drop you home and actually wait till you get inside your house and not leave you at the edge of the road. Some who would bother to know you were safe at home. One who would not just leave you and disappear just because you told them, “I am okay, you can drop me here, I don’t want you to bother.” ( Sure you know you are okay and will be fine, but it is always nice when they bother to check if it be the case!)

So the lesson learnt : Any woman who gets such a guy, be one  privileged. One who lets go of such, a dire fool.
Note:  If such man specimen in the surrounding, grab with both hands, chain and make sure he is locked up, not to be stolen or misplaced 🙂

Yeah I am a sadist!