Have you noticed that there are a bunch of guys who would be the perfect boyfriend with their woman and go dial another woman’s number at midnight?

Such lame freaks they are!

I just do not get the concept of their desperation!

Why would one end up being engaged to one if they have to look around for other women to vent their frustration??

Why would they want to demean the woman they are with by going begging to get laid with other women?

And then  behave like total jerks when they do not get what they desire?

The world is full of lame idiots of late and this town where I dwell seem to present quite a variety to pick from! Then I guess  it is not something  that is special to this Colombo breed. It seems rather something that is genetic, inherited or learned!

I have noticed the same when in other countries. Those who would find modes of definition to cheat on their girlfriends and brides to be. Sure they always have a one emotive story to move you: “my girlfriend does not get me!”, ” we are so different, she doesn’t care about me!”,” it’s a proposed marriage!” The list is way too long!

The funny thing is that these morons think that FB is their haven of chase. They will pick someone, befriend and then start being a weirdo freak who does not get a NO!

Mode of conduct:
No accepting men who are not known to you

No accepting women you do not know! You never have a clue whether it is a man or a woman!

No picking the phone when such person calls.


Well conclusion is ever so simple: if one is acting desperate, they are desperate! You definitely do not need to waste your time on them!
Unless of course you entertain stalkers!!