Why do lot of things happen in life? How do they happen? Does one really know?

Life is full of mysteries. Mysteries that we will never unveil.
Why do we meet certain people? Fall in love? Fall out of love? Despise, hold on to agonising moments?
Why do people die at moments they do?
Why would a bird shit on you?

Lot of whys without any reasoning behind them.
Watching the movie “Accidents Happen” by Roland Gallois, all I could think of were the accidents that have happened in my life, and keep happening and will happen in the future.

Billy’s and Doug’s story and Gene’s story combine as mine would flow endless with lot of constant accidents.

I think of all the data accumulated within the course of the day, the woman who was tortured by nails being knocked into her. Was her life an accident too? Was it an accident to end up with those sponsors who would beat her, torture her while her search was for better life for her family?

Mr. T calling me and blablafying , are those accidents too? The fact that I know his fiancée is it a bigger accident?
Life is full of accidents and sometimes they are for the best! That is what the movie said.

Life continues…