If you are confused, do not be! Protest it shall be!

Yes we are becoming very innovative these days. We are no more on pretentious hunger strikes, with people offering us to have water. We the citizens of Sri Lanka have more creative ideas.

But they be limited only to those who are brave, those who are fit, and definitely to those who want to see the President.

Yes, this is the chance for you to climb the highest thing around which is near a road, which would in turn affect the traffic around, piss everyone off and, how could I ever forget this aspect, wishfully believe the President will come along to get you down a pole!

If you be one who thought the melting of the Presidents heart to come save a man “dying of hunger” be the same for you, I guess there is much to be awaited! But there be always room for bewilderment! Who knows? One might surprise us all, the President in all his honour might come, might listen to your plea, from the bottom of your hoarding pole! One incident we would love to see! We Sri Lankans love all the drama! Drama be what we feed on!

But then how long one be up there? To whom would his death matter? Would any threat of suicide cause anyone any bother? Does it be of the least care for what be his protest? Comments on daily mirror website answer to the definite contrary. This be another social drama, rather comedy somewhat full of suspense, but then another joke for many.

The outcome so far: one man arrested for aiding and abetting attempted suicide by handing over a mobile to he who be on a pole.

And who be the idiot in the end? A question flying in the air!

The answer be it easy as fathomed it to be?? Be the idiot, he who be on a pole? He who be arrested for handing a phone? Or any alternative response available?