Frustration and stress level is hitting the ceiling. Each call I make to the same number is driving me nuts. Of course I am not supposed to express it. Instead protocol and my better judgement tell me that I need to deal with all these is the most diplomatic manner. Well the question that confronts me remains for how long will I be capable of maintaining the low frustrated, low stressed, very diplomatic self.

Thank God, or karma or be it destiny, whatever be that you believe in, I have people to reply to the mails on an instantaneous, high reflex, rapid reactive mode. Not to forget also ready to volunteer to do things and come up with all forms of creative options in dealing with all forms of crisis we come across. We have suggestions of car washes, selling and marketing climate change related games and standing in Majestic City mall to sell them! Sure I am up for it! You better be up for it too! ( yeah at times I discover the dictator in me :P)

Let’s just say that I am grateful to innovation and creativity. Kind of functions like a chill pill or a sedative LOL and it needs to be admitted that I can do with one, time to time.

The days have become a pattern, heading to office, calling the ministry, harassing the people who would pick the phone to get the fax delivered to the relevant person’s hands. But of late every day I miraculously get through to his line, when he is at a meeting. Is it coincidence or am I plain jinxed at getting through to this particular individual?
We have lost a good month trying to get support. Support that was offered and we so strongly and blindly believed in, all through our youth idealistic believing capacities. You say you help us, well we believe you will help us! Why? Cz we the youth, have this disease of telling only and mostly what we believe in and what we take pride in performing.

Well in short forget the funds, this letter itself has proven to be a mountain of a task. Something like climbing K2! I am not kidding, it is and has become one big process!
One learns a lot of things when organising summits, among which are prominent, to become an insomniac, read mails every 5 minutes, to notice 10 unread mails every time you open your mailing account and or yeah lots and heaps of diplomacy.

But above all, a lot of hidden strength and belief in others who will become your family in the process, you know you love them you hate them and you know you cannot live without them! Yeah they be not of your blood, but they will suffer with you, and sure will believe that there is still hope and always hope, just because you say so! So with their belief will be fortified your belief that there is “ALWAYS” hope!