Moments, people, things and places one comes across, making one feel complete. Such be you to me.

The assurance of feeling good at the end of the day, to know you have a smile on your face be what it you may live within the day. The feeling of a moment with someone, changing your day though there be no “legitimacy” to what they be in your life.

There be no tags, no rules, merely a feeling. The feeling of freedom and vastness. The feeling of knowing that you be not bound by place or time. The feeling of someone making you feel “special” in a nonhandicapped way and positive way, be wherever with whomever you be.

A person that makes you feel cherished…

A smile, a thought and a feeling you be to me, someone that is special and I in turn cherish, surely no necessity to be filled within a structure, refusing to be put into a structure.

No tags, no names be needed. Just the three lettered word attached to that emotion you revive in me. That be what you be to me.

The nontagged existence of my meagre existence, such art thou to me!