It’s back to bookzone! The pile of books, the neverending distractions, and Vositha trying to instil in her the basics of “studying”. And of course miserably failing.

I have lately realised that I deem myself to “miserably fail” at many a thing. Am I turning a pessimist with an inferiority complex or am I turning into a failure? Ok third option, am I both? (take off the “turning out to be”)

As I would have once said in reply to this sort of questions, “Lord knows, and I know not, as I be no Lord!”
( I think Teo, at times has a point when he says that I scare him, he thinks that I am capable of having conversations with myself, be in jest or all seriousness he pronounces these words, the above sentence highlights the cause of such fear!)

I keep turning pages of a book that has as its objective to teach me how to “study”!

Do I learn anything? Unfortunately not much. (Of course, be it not the fault of the book, but rather the incapacity on the matter on my part)

I tell Teo about my 4 dates for the evening, while he is on a visit to his family. While he sips coffee with family, I continue my complain to him about my dates with Birnie, Boyle, Redgwell and Sands, who pile up on my table. I blame him for not being the author of a book that has on its cover “Environmental Law” and keep on ranting on how I wish he did, so that I would have a wonderful date with a better looking being. Of course, I am sure we will skip diner, I would prefer it to be a coffee date with chocolate fudge. (Yes, books make me crave for chocolate. And I always thought chocolate fudge was one delightful dessert.)

Teo is yet to get back to me on his preference of dessert. I hope I had not scared him off with my ranting! A task I manage to do with many, on many an occasion. But of late, he has proved to me that his endurance of Vositha madness is at a higher level than many men I have had no privilege of coming across. I decide it be definitely a good thing, given the times that await me in the coming two weeks! Wonder if I could use him as my stress buffer.. should ask him… (one more thing for the “to do” list)

I pondereth striving to determine whether it be good thing bad thing! You know, scaring off people!

I guess that would be one of those dilemmas I might analyse over another cup of coffee and chocolate fudge and hopefully, this time with someone pleasing to the eyes, and over a discussion of an imaginary coup d’etat.

Yes, despite all the depressive reading, life is good! All thanks to coffee, chocolate and of course fudge!