He was awake. The sunshine had fallen through the half closed curtains. He could never find his slumber while the sun be awake.

She, asleep, lying over his shoulder, hand against his chest.

She was a beautiful creature. (such be his perception, and that be the only thing that mattered) An expression of a child in peace, on her face he gazed at, away from all the confusion and trouble.

There be no budging on his part, for fear she wake up.
She a too pretty sight to lose. Her hair falling against her bare skin in long curls, her eyelashes, and her bare skin glowing in the morning sun.

He was one lucky bastard, his friends would tell him. Each day dawned on him that he yearned for her more. More the time spent with her, the more he was entangled in her web. She be too good a thing to lose, he was no fool, he knew it. But reality be an obstacle. The moral police, the social norms, the religious barriers, the list be too tiresome to recall.

Leaning forward he kissed her. She did not wake up but smiled for him in her sleep.

He reached to touch her cheek, the gentle touch she always liked making her snuggle against him. The warmness and the closeness, his wish be for her to awake.

Suppressed desire, a new lesson of life, he learnt being with her.

“I love you” he uttered, yet to be unheard by her.