She always wondered what attracted her. Recalling all the men she used to date, the conclusion was evident, not the looks!

Nopes, she never had much patience with good looking men. They always turned out to be the ones to bore her to death. Or rather the boredom used to be initiated with much easiness, when it was a question of a good looking guy. (exclusion clause: not all good looking men are boring, and looks are a question of subjectivity, hence what she deems good looking may not be a universal trait, nor is boredom objective, so all these concepts revolve around her subjective opinion)

Now, she prefers not to be misunderstood. She has nothing against good looking men, they are good to look at, eye candy they be. She, like all the other humans, appreciates good looking beings or things, but the looks fail to sustain her interest. Looks alone, never did the task for her. There needs be something more, something enduring and something capturing interest…

Of late she realises what that be!

“A beautiful mind”!

She did not realise it till he uttered it, while conversing on the phone.

Yes she knows it be somewhat of a cliché but then what can she say? She needs must admit what be the reality.
Good conversation was always an addition, the most important element to be considered. She realises it of late.

The ideal man would make her laugh, not at him, rather with him. He be one able to sustain a conversation and grasp all the vagueness she weaves with every one of her twisted thought. He needs be able to see the twisted-ness and then be able to deal with it, and preferably appreciate it. See the weirdness yet not be appalled by it!

In short she needs a beautiful mind, someone courageous enough to endure the monster in her.

And of course, the one with the words, to put a smile on her face 🙂

Above all a man who be able to match those words with what his acts be!