Life is a never ending stress load these days. I see all shapes and colours of stress.

People stress me out things stress me out, in short everything stresses me out.

I even see stress eyes closed!

I am fed up of people asking me the same question. I try hard, bite my tongue to prevent those words that I wish I could utter. I wish I could let the little diplomacy left in me vanish into thin air.
I wish I could forget all about criminal law and bring out the worse in me! Could start off with the long list of crimes I wish I could perform in order to let my frustration out! Let Karma not take its course but help karma take its course! (no I am not talking of a woman called Karma, and nopes it ain’t Karuna misspelt)

Well the jerk of the year goes to…………. well we all know who he is! So why bother printing his name on this blog and littering it!

(If I close my eyes tight and pray hard will he just vanish into thin air without spoiling my end of month with his stupid presence!! Only if that happened! Sigh! )

God help me to gain the will not to throttle him the moment I see him!  Do help me to live these last days of October with sanity till I wake up to coffee -smell and a precious smile!