Have you ever wondered how some people just get on your nerves with each passing moment, while some just have the opposite effect?

Most people of course fall within the first category while well you land with rare exceptions once in a blue moon.

Of late I have been lucky to meet one that fills the bill.

Someone with whom I can share my thoughts without feeling “boooooring” in my head, and then laugh without any effort.

Someone to whom I can tell the craziest things under the planet, and not be worried of being judged or him forming lethal prejudice against me!

Someone with whom I can share a moment, and be sure that I would want to share many more moments yet to come.

Each day I know him, the more I wish I knew him.

Guess there be exceptions to the rule of human acquaintance!

Some people do grow on you!

Well even on “me”!

And for a change “I do” like it!