She is not used to jealousy. But for the first time, she feels it.

She feels it boiling in her, blocking her throat.

Okay she knows finally what it means to feel a lump in her throat. It ain’t fun.

And not at all healthy. Especially when it does no justice to what she deems herself to be.

Guess this is be what people call “being possessive”!

Or is it?

She did not tell him anything. Actually he has no clue of it at all to start off with! So much for her brilliant communication skills. She seems to be faltering on it of late! Too many a times to be more precise!

Fine, so he has no clue how she feels, will have no clue of it either, and what is she doing typing away like a starry eyed teenager who has no better thing to do but meditate him!

Too many calories and brain cells burnt over this “lump” feeling!

For some reason a picture of old times, where women were thrown into the Diyavanna oya with stones hung around their neck comes into her mind. What imagery! Of late her imagination has gone from bad to worse and now to what she has no clue of! What be the excuse for this twistedness? Well surely the “lump”! The one that she feels at her neck, dragging her down, bit by bit!

She does not like the thought of drowning. Choking on a bit of water is painful enough, coughing for good five, six minutes! Imagine choking on a lake full of water!! How would she manage to cough? Now that definitely be matter for concern! Coughing while choking or on choking is important! But trying to cough while drowning with stone around her neck, not fun! That would not attract his attention! (how would he hear her cough while she is under water! As usual he would have no clue. Surprise! Suprise!)Hence, does not serve any purpose. Just pollutes the waters of Diyawanna oya!

Of late her life be full of too many explanations, too many emotions, too many attachments or inclinations towards attachments. In shot an overdose of everything!

“Too much of something is bad enough, but something’s coming on over me to make me wonder! Too much..”

Yikes, where does that come from? Old “spice girls” numbers. Definitely an indication that sanity slips away at its own pace. Nostalgia and nervous breakdowns, calls and no calls…

Ok decided, She shalt stay away!!! (from him of course! And also the Diyawanna Oya)

…and the phone starts ringing..