It’s funny how people answer a question with “let me check”, “will let you know yea”.

Have you heard these?

If yes, what be your belief on them? Was it a yes or a no?
Affirmative? Negative?

Haven’t you ever believed that the party was talking of a more possibility of an affirmative than a negative?

I, for my part, always presumed those answers were meant to be more of an affirmative than a negative, till of course a good friend explained on my complaining on the number of times he pronounces such answers “well can’t say no yea!”

Isn’t it surprising that people chose to answer such, rather than say “NO”!

What be the betterment of letting one believe that there be a probability that what be suggested happens, just merely because someone refuses to say that negative, chooses to leave things hanging around in suspense of, “will he, or won’t he?!”

Well call me boring, I like to keep things simple.

Yes, a “no” well pronounced much appreciated than a confusing statement of improbability and hopes that never come into reality but keep looming in the air!