Clock is ticking, the stress levels rising, and excitement mounting.

It’s SAYSoCC time again, where youth from across South Asia come together with hope for change, and plans for creating change!

It has been a year since in 2009, a similar group of youth gathered in Dulikel in Nepal as the first step of the forming of a youth movement that would be the youth voice for the South Asia region. They came together to discuss, to coordinate and combine ideas that would empower the climate movement in South Asia.

And their presence was rewarded. The conclusion of the summit was highlighted by the formation of the South Asian Youth Movement on Climate Change, a youth lead network where each county be represented through national networks and national focal points. It also brought forth the South Asian Youth Declaration on Climate Change as well as a South Asian Youth Delegation for COP 15.

Following the successful steps of last year, Sri Lankan Youth Climate Action Network (SLYCAN) the host for this year’s summit, to be held from the 27th to the 30th of October is all set to welcome the youth to Colombo Sri Lanka in partnership with Beyond Borders Sri Lanka and Earth Lanka.

Over 30 international participants from the region of South Asia have confirmed their participation for SAYSoCC Sri Lanka. Many a calls made, many a mail sent, many a meeting held and just a few hours left, for the culmination of all efforts.

In a few hours the dream will be a reality to many of those who have been involved in the strenuous process of organising, the limitless patience and the never ending motivation even at confrontation with great frustration.

So this is to all the youth who were an inspiration with their belief that if there be a will that there be a way! Be you in Sri Lanka, South Asia, or across the globe, your presence is felt, and appreciated at the dawn of a new step towards making through youth initiation.

Let the youth lead the way, and we shall surely show the way!