I have lately realised that people like bullshit.

Lots and lots of it.

The more you get it, the more you want it.

More and more of it.

We live in a fantasy facilitating the formation and fermentation of it.

Yes the focus for the day be on bullshit!

Let us pursue an intelligent analysis of this shit, I mean this bullshit.

Where be its emanation?

The media feeds it to you, the surrounding familiarise it to you , you fake it, fire up and felicitate it. You actually pay bucks to gain some minutes of it.

To live it, to feel it.

All of it that surrounds, that haunts and that engulfs!

So welcome to all the bullshit!

There are so many bulls for your perusal, and of course, as a bonus a rare glimpse of their shit! šŸ˜›