She could see him but did not really see him. She could feel him but did not really feel him. She could hear him speak but well she didn’t want to hear it.

All his words were usually the same. The meaningless rants of love, hope, faith and all forms of bullshit that he never practiced in his life.

Looking from afar at this whole circus she could only wonder what she ever saw in him. Apart from his huge ass nose there was nothing prominent in his whole being. Well as in when it comes to personality. He was just a balloon filled with air, about to burst if someone pricked it with reality. The saint in him, the portrayal of it at least. Never be he one to practice what he preaches.

She was glad that she had seen the real him, even when it was too late.

In her pissed off mood, she tried to make sense.

“Did I love this freak? For what? For what use?”

Well she had heard from her friends that she be too capable to love, specially strangers who were not worth a dime of her precious time. Well this one tops the list. The stranger who fucked her head, her life singlehandedly!

In her blindness she reached for the other’s hand, the one that was around to keep her comforted and cared for.

The long fingers entangled in hers, and she felt good.

Just for a moment….