He was playing aloof. Being his usual self. She was actually used to it by now. His mood swings.

He did not have to say anything. His expressions spoke a thousand words. They were too familiar for her to let them go unnoticed. She absorbed each one of it. The careless shrug to the twitch of his eyebrow at times of annoyance.

He was beside her, in silence, absorbing what was around her.

The face was not the most pleased, the eyes betraying his thoughts.

She reached for his hand.

When in doubt, hold on to those fingers! A silent code that be jotted in her mind.

He looked at her, the expression softening.

He knew her too well. The assurance she tried to give him, or the feeling of assurance strived for was intended for herself. She needed to know he was there with her, and not an illusion in her mind’s eye.

He entangled her fingers in his. Long thin fingers on which she loved commenting. She called them artistic. He could only laugh each time she said it.

She always wondered which part of her statement he considered to be funny.

And for his sake, he never knew which be the answer to that. But well, he preferred to laugh, just to notice the shear annoyance in her eyes. Her lips would curl and her mouth would get crooked, and the pout would form, with a great effort of seduction. He could only laugh at her “drama”.

Her eyes were on him. Spying on him, trying to read his mind.

A thin smile spread on his lips.

Leaning forward he gently brushed his lips on her cheek and then on the lips.

“It’s going to be okay, I am here, and promise I won’t go anywhere!”

The eyes lighted up, the smile spreading on her face. She looked a child who had just got her Christmas gift one month in advance.

He wrapped his arms around her, and she willingly melted into him.

“I love you, and for once am here to stay..”

It was a first, he had his doubts in the past, but this time was for real.

Yes, the words did sound somewhat convincing even in his mouth.

And she willingly swallowed it up.